Are cabinets and other materials salvaged or donated?

We always repurpose or donate any items that we can. I have been a supporter of Habitat For Humanity for over a decade and a customer of their restore. Some cabinets though are not actually in good enough shape to reuse; or they’re odd shapes and sizes; or they’re built in and cannot be cleanly removed to salvage. There is a lot that happens behind the scenes that we just don’t have time on-air to explain. But know that most old fixtures, materials and items with any kind of value get reused.

How do the clients get the kind of financing needed to buy a house and renovate it at the same time?

There are many ways buyers finance their home purchase and renovation. Savings, borrowing from family, a line of credit mortgage that qualifies them for an amount that covers the home and renovation, and some even take a second mortgage out to cover the updates. Keep in mind that there are many financing products that could help you buy and transform your home. These products vary from state to state and it’s best to speak with your lender to see what they offer. Be cautious not to over leverage as this is how many buyers run into debt troubles. Buy smart and renovate when it’s financially viable.

Why don’t they ever show the whole renovated house?

The homeowners decide which areas of the house they would like to focus on. We want to capture their complete experience of finding and creating their dream home and in an hour episode we can only show so much. That being said, Jonathan and his team usually finished the entire home.

Where is the show filmed? They never mention where they are located.

The shows have filmed in Vancouver, B.C., Toronto, Ontario, Austin, Texas and now Atlanta, Georgia. We don’t emphasize the geographic location of the houses, as we want to focus on the informative aspects that could be applicable to a house in any city.
Property Brothers at Home on the Ranch is filmed on the ranch of a family friend in Calgary, Canada.

How do I get on the show?

If we are filming in your city, then go to the Property Brothers Facebook page for details on how to apply.


Does Drew actually know how to swing a hammer?

Drew: Yes! Please refer to webisode clearly labeled ‘Drew Swings (a hammer)’.

How many houses does Drew show the homeowners when searching for a home?

We look at numerous houses within the homeowners’ budget and search parameters. These are narrowed down to two that are explored for dream home potential.

Do Jonathan and Drew do all the work on their own?

With so many houses to complete in a single season (26?), it would be compromising to the quality of work we do. We have a great team of designers and contractors on the show, and of course a little help from the homeowners themselves.

Has a homeowner ever freaked out on Drew when he drops the dream home price?

  • Have you seen the webisode titled ‘Buyers with Clout’? We should have just named it ‘Drew gets slapped and other things.’
  • While they are surprised, the homeowners are able to look at houses with a new perspective. They understand right away that they can’t afford a turnkey house with all the bells and whistles but getting a fixer-upper and turning it into their very own dream home is really achievable.

Are the brothers twins?

Drew: Identical – Minus the hair
Jonathan: AND minus the fact that I work three times as many hours as Drew does!

Are some of the fixer upper houses shown really in that poor condition? Some of them are so bad that they look staged.

It’s hard to believe, but those houses are not staged. Personally, we couldn’t even imagine the thought of trying to sell a house in that condition but hey, that’s part of the reason we are able to purchase them at a better price – they definitely don’t show well!

What program do you use to show homeowners the potential transformations?

The transformations are created with Neezo Renders. This has been a groundbreaking tool for us to clearly show our vision and help homeowners see themselves in their potential dream home. We used to include the homeowners in the actual animations but we had to remove them because the renders were so realistic that it confused them!

Where can I find tips and tricks from the Property Brothers?

Join us on Facebook and Twitter @MrDrewScott and@MrSilverScott to get your dose of Scott Logic tips in real estate and renovations and updates on what we’re up to next.

How can they do so much with such a limited budget?

We are working with real budgets on the show, set by the homeowners. The show provides $10,000 including labor, certain sponsored products, as well as the expertise of Jonathan’s design team. It’s also helpful that we are very resourceful especially when working with a limited budget. There are creative ways to get things done without paying market price – shopping online, refinishing your furniture and searching big box stores for customized looks are just a few ways. But remember to never skip out on hiring a professional when you need one!

Where can I find out where to get the products used on the show?

Check out the episode resource guides on our website at: http://www.thescottbrothers.com/resources/